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Safety Classes

Please click here for a schedule of all classes being held by Environmental Health and Safety.  To reserve a seat or for more information, please email (preferred) or contact our main office number at (504) 568-6585.


Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Class

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) requires that all employees who can anticipate having contact with blood and other potentially infectious body fluids attend annual bloodborne pathogens training. The U.S. Department of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has determined employees who are at risk include those that work with blood and other potentially infectious materials which can include bacteria, viruses, or pathogens (OSHA Bloodborne pathogens standard - 1910.1030). The pathogens receiving the greatest attention are the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV), and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The Department of Environmental Health and Safety offers bloodborne pathogens classes to all LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans faculty, staff, and students who are designated as being at risk.

  • Examples of professionals at risk: Plumbers, research equipment repair persons, custodial workers handling bio-waste or clinical waste, restroom areas, cafeteria workers, and anyone who may encounter any type of body fluid (including blood) on an occasional basis while performing their job.
  • Examples of “high” risk professions: Lab personnel, clinical personnel, animal care professionals, or anyone who may encounter any type of body fluid on a regular basis while performing their job.

Employees who have occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens should enroll. Please contact the LSUHSC – New Orleans Environmental Health and Safety office for more information or to reserve a seat.

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Driver's Safety Class

All drivers of State vehicles are required to attend a driving course within three months of becoming a State driver and must attend a refresher course at least once every three (3) years unless their class of license requires other training or testing. Environmental Health and Safety offers driver safety classes to all LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans faculty, staff, and students who are designated as drivers of State vehicles. Drivers who have violations on their motor vehicle records are required to retake an approved driving course within three (3) months of receiving the violation.

Driver record checks are required annually on all staff and faculty drivers, who drive State vehicles or personal vehicles on State business. In order to accomplish this, department heads and/or supervisors must submit form DA2054 (Authorization and Driving History Form) on a yearly basis to the Environmental Health & Safety Office on all personnel who are expected to drive on State business. The Environmental Health & Safety Office will submit the completed forms (DA2054) to the Office of Motor Vehicles to obtain driver history records for evaluation.

For more information or to schedule a safe driving class, please call 568-6585.


Employee General Safety

The employee general safety training includes general safe work practices as well as specific instruction on control of hazards unique to each LSUHSC employee's job assignment. All employees are required to take this training.

For more information please contact EH&S at 568-6585. Provided below are training presentations.


Laboratory Safety Class

The laboratory safety class is offered on a quarterly basis throughout the year.  It is considered mandatory for new laboratory workers, technicians, student workers and graduate students.  However, since it is "General" in nature, anyone who is involved in lab work, operations, or management is encouraged to attend.

The course covers many aspects of laboratory, chemical, biological, fire and operational safety including emergency and waste procedures.  Course medial is lecture, video, powerpoint and a question and answer forum.  Approximate class time: 3.5 hours. 

PLEASE NOTE:  While radiation is discussed, this IS NOT a substitute for the Radiation Safety course.


Radiation Safety Class

All possible and current users of radioactive isotopes are required to attend a Radiation Safety Class prior to working with these isotopes. Environmental Health and Safety offer a 3.5 hour class every quarter to all LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans faculty, staff, and students.

This class will inform the attendee on radiation safety fundamentals, policies, isotope types, exposure limits, shielding requirements, waste procedures, radiation badge use and proper paperwork fulfillment. A required quiz will be taken after the class and a passing grade over 80% will certify the individual for radioactive isotopes use here at LSUHSC.

The attendee should download the Radiation Safety PowerPoint presentation before attending the course and bring to class.

For more information please call 568-6585. Ask for Jim Davis; Radiation Safety Officer.