LSU Health Sciences Center Human Resource Management

Environmental Health and Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety supports the teaching, research, and health care missions of LSUHSC-NO through promotion of a safe and healthy campus environment by providing programs and services that minimize safety, health, and environmental risks to the University community.


Our mission is to ensure that LSUHSC-NO students, faculty, staff, and visitors have a safe workplace by providing them with the service and knowledge necessary for their protection. In addition, we are committed to protecting the local community and environment  from any potential hazards generated by university activities by ensuring that our students, faculty, staff, and visitors are informed and knowledgeable.

To assure compliance with all occupational and environmental rules and regulations , our office maintains a good working relationship with a multitude of agencies and groups that regulate or control biomedical research. Through partnerships with LSUHSC-NO researchers, faculty and staff, EH&S fosters working relationships which allow us to keep the University community aware of requirements and to provide an audit trail of activities which demonstrates compliance to the regulators.




Health and Safety Committee Charters

  • Executive Committee for EH&S
  • Chemical Safety
  • General Safety
  • Radiation Safety

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    Stanislaus Hall, 2nd Floor Rm# 212
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    New Orleans, La 70112
    Phone: (504) 568-6585
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